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Thursday, August 7

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 11 – Storage

They entered what looked like a maintenance chamber. Sewing supplies sat next to a bucket of dirty water in one corner. Across the way, was a sealed iron door. The stone blocks surrounding it were marked with Yellow Signs in odd patterns. They were grouped into clusters of one, two, three, and four on the left, five and six above, and seven to ten on the right.

Scarbelly clomped over to glare at it. “Prolk? Can you open this?”

Prolk shook her head. “My magic is not powerful enough.”

Scarbelly glared at Kham with his good eye. “If I had Rask with me we could do it. How about you, devil spawn?”

Sebastian blinked. “N-no, my magic doesn’t work that way. But if those Signs are any indication, we have proof that the Cult of Leviathan and the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign are working together.”

“It’s obviously a combination. Give me that!” Kham yanked the piece of paper away from Dril. He strode past Scarbelly to the door. “I’ll show you greenskins how humans open doors.”

Scarbelly leaned on his greataxe and waited.

“Don’t you find it convenient that Coombs would drop the combination to his lock?” asked Dril.

“Shh!” hissed Kham. “Adults are working.” [MORE]


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