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Friday, August 8

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 12 – Personal Vault

“Guys.” Kham’s voice was strained. “We have a big problem.” He had a note before him.

“What is it?” asked Dril.

“This is a detonation schedule,” said Kham. “And it’s got a lot of familiar places on it.”

Everyone huddled around Kham to look.

“They’re going after everybody!” shouted Dril. “The Temples of Althares, Cadic, and Yarris are on there!”

“And Falthar’s Curios,” added Kham.

“Even the Courts,” said Sebastian. “We’ve got to split up to stop them.”

“That’s not the worst part,” said Kham. “Look at the time: they’re set to go off an hour from now!”

Everyone started arguing about where to go, who to go with, and how to stop the bombs.

“Everybody SHUT UP!” shouted Kham. “I know this city better than all of you combined. Me and Beldin will go to the Undir Benevolent Association and Falthar’s Curios. Dril and Vlad, you take the temples. Sebastian, you take the Courts. Move, people, MOVE!”

Kham sprinted out of the room. For a moment, everyone was stunned. It was the first time they’d seen him actually motivated to action. [MORE]


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