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Sunday, August 10

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 14 – Falthar’s Curios

Falthar sat with one arm propping up his chin, staring at the ticking urn. He tapped it with a wand every time the fifth gem lit up. Then it went out, leaving just four lit gems.

“Fascinating,” he said. “I think I can suppress it, but whoever made this bomb knew what he was doing.”

“That’s very nice,” said Kham. “It’s a gift from Kenzil. Or the Yellow Sign. Look, it doesn’t matter. Don’t you test stuff like this all the time?”

“Yes.” Falthar’s eyes were wide. “But if Kenzil made it…you don’t mess with Kenzil.”

Falthar tapped the urn with the wand.

“Well, the good news is he’s dead. The bad news is we’re going to join him in a second.”

“Well now that you’re here, if you can grab it and throw it fast into my testing room, that should contain the blast…for the most part.”

”For the most part? What do you mean ‘for the most part’?”

Falthar tapped the urn with the wand. “Well, Kenzil was a powerful evoker. My testing room was never meant for an explosion of that magnitude. It might not hold.”

“How many charges does that wand have left?” asked Kham.

“Hmm, I lost track,” said Falthar. “A couple.”

“You lost track?! Okay, on three I’m going to chuck the urn into the room. You close the door as fast as you can. Ready?”

“Wait, is that one, two, then you throw it in on three? Or one, two, three and then you throw it?”

“ON three. Ready?”

Falthar tapped the urn with the wand. “Uh oh.”

“Uh oh?”

“I think I ran out of charges.” [MORE]


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