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Monday, August 11

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 15 – The Courts

A gnome was ushered through the Courts portcullis with a package in his hands. He had a heavyset build and wore a bright blue cape.

“Stop that man!” shouted Sebastian.

The Bloody Vengeance orcs raised their crossbows, but they were met by a dozen crossbows leveled back at them.

“Well, this is a nice tidy pack, innit guv?” asked Price.

“You have to let us in,” said Sebastian. “That messenger must be stopped!”

“Aw now, don’t be like that. If ya know what’s good fer ya I’d recommend ya distance yerself from ‘es folk ‘ere. No good dirty greenskins.” Price yelled over his shoulder. “Looks like we gots ourselves the mad bombers!”

“What?” Prolk shouted back. “Are you crazy? Would we come to the Courts to deliver the bomb ourselves?”

“Ye look pretty stupid to me,” said Price.

“This is ridiculous.” Sebastian pulled out a wand.

“Nah, ah, ah!” said Price, wagging a finger. “No magic outta you mate or we’ll perforate ya.”

Sebastian pointed. “Try.” The beam from the wand sliced through the portcullis to encompass the gnome. He was enfolded in a sphere of force.

“Fire!” [MORE]


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