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Friday, August 1

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 7b – Home of Kenzil the Evoker

Vlad poked his head down through the trap door. Then he slowly made his way down the ladder. The room was barely lit by light from above.

Beldin and Sebastian followed.

“Kenzil did a lot of experimenting in his career,” said the dark-kin. The basement was a testament to this nature of “try and see” in its myriad of beakers, vials, weights, components, fluids, and instruments.

Two long wooden tables divided the basement into three defined aisles.

“Somebody light a torch,” said Vlad. “I can barely see.”

“Humans,” snorted Beldin. He reached for the torch, only to bump into something big and hairy.

Beldin shouted and engaged a creature that was all teeth and claws. It reared up on its hind legs and bellowed.

Vlad stepped forward to assist, freezing as another creature blocked his path. “Finally,” said Vlad with a grin. His blind-fighting training was going to come in handy.

A shrieking wind picked up, drowning out all conversation.

Dril stood warily by the ladder, scimitar and dagger at the ready. “I can’t see anything!” he shouted in panic.

Kham stuck his head down through the trapdoor. “Guys? What’s going on down here?” He blinked, peering into the swirling darkness. “Did somebody shout ‘bear’?” [MORE]


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