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Sunday, August 3

Vengeance in Freeport: Part 7d – Home of Kenzil the Evoker

The room was completely devoid of anything flammable. Tables, chairs, and orc were burned to a crisp.

“I yield!” said a particularly ugly orc hag. Her skin seemed to always be glistening, though with sea spray or oily skin it was difficult to tell. Big purple eyes and a gap-toothed grin drank in every detail of her surroundings.

Dril patted one of his arms down to put out his burning sleeve. Then he walked over to Sebastian. They were nose to nose when Dril pulled his hood back.

“I’ve been blown up twice today,” he said in a carefully controlled voice. “I appreciate the effort. But if you do that again, so help me Althares I will kill you with my bare hands.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 8:18 AM

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