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Wednesday, August 13

Vengeance in Freeport: Prologue

“We need to see that note,” said Dril.

Bobbin sighed. “It’s right here.” He slapped the note down on the bar, but kept his hand on it. “I don’t normally share this kind of stuff about Kham, but I’m worried about his safety.”

Dril slid the note out from Bobbin’s hand and opened it up to read.

“We’re his friends, Bobbin,” said Vlad. “If he’s in trouble, we’ll get him out of it.”

Dril’s features darkened as he read further into the note. “This is bad.”

“How bad?” asked Vlad.

“Real bad. It’s from some W. Gresty, and mentions Elijah Quelch and Lucius Roby. It’s basically asking Kham to kill Quelch on the night of the full moon.”

“That’s tonight,” said Bobbin.

“That’s not all. It ties Quelch to Coombs…”

Vlad nodded before Dril said more. “I’ll get the others.” [MORE]


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