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Friday, August 15

A Walk in the Park: Part 1 – Scurvytown, Quelch’s House

Quelch’s route was circuitous, leading to the waterways that dotted Freeport. It was inky, straight, and lined with disused warehouses that were home to vagrants. Quelch walked along slowly as he hunted for a victim.

After ten minutes, he found what he was looking for: a single sleeping man lying on a bridge. He stood by the figure, his back to Kham, and began to chant an incantation.

As he started the spell, the air seemed to come alive. The chant was a shrill, inhuman scream and came from all around. The victim started to shout in agony, blaspheming, his whole body thrashing, but somehow he got to his feet.

Quelch surged into him, slamming him back against the side of the bridge and holding him there off the ground, continuing to howl his chant.

The man weakened; he looked around desperately and spotted Kham. “Help me! He’s killing me! Please! For the—“ He was choked him off.

Quelch turned to see Kham, but finished his chant. He threw the corpse effortlessly against the side of the bridge; it shattered into dust.

The silence squirmed. [MORE]


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