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Friday, August 15

A Walk in the Park: Part 2a – The Encounter by the Canal

Kham dove and rolled past the two squawking monstrosities. “I’m coming for you Quelch!”

Quelch pointed at Kham. “Glacialis cursus!”

“That won’t work on me!” Kham’s voice was slurred.

“Kham!” shouted Dril. “Wait!” He lowered to one knee, aimed, and fired his rifle at the byakhee fighting Beldin.

Quelch pointed at Vlad next. “Glacialis cursus!”

Vlad’s eyes widened as he moved to take a step forward. The byakhee nearest him launched itself into the air, bringing all of its claws to bear on his shield. “I can’t move my legs!” he shouted.

With one of its wings perforated by Dril’s shot, Beldin waited for the byakhee’s neck to dart forward. When it did, he hacked downwards, beheading it.

Dril reloaded his rifle. “We’ve got to stop Kham before he gets to Quelch.”

“Stop Kham?” shouted Vlad. “What about me?”

“No problem,” said Beldin. He swung his axe in a wide arc, forcing the beast back.

Quelch pointed at Beldin. “Fas: Fugio!”

A slack-jawed expression overcame Beldin. He turned and ran. [MORE]


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