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Monday, August 18

A Walk in the Park: Part 3a – Exploring Quelch’s House

Quelch’s house had three stories and a cellar. The entire place was very untidy, dirty, and dusty; packing cases, boxes and old newspapers took up nearly all the available floor space, whilst books, bills and manifolds littered every other surface, including the stairs. The ground floor had a selection of middling quality furniture.

Kham walked through the place in a haze. The first floor had more than a thousand occult, theological, and philosophical books shelved in no particular order. A quick glance indicated that some were quite rare, some extremely rare.

Nine steps lead down from the ground floor into the small cellar area. He crept down the steps. It was a five-foot high space meant for nothing more than coal storage. The stench was horrible.

Moonlight illuminated the stairwell from above. Something glittered in a dark corner.

Kham crept over to it. It was a vial. An empty vial, with a grayish liquid still at the bottom.

He sniffed it. He put a pinky inside the vial and tasted it.

Kham knew the taste. He laced his wine with it. Ghoul juice.

Two red dots hung in the air in the corner. It took Kham a moment to realize they were a pair of eyes. [MORE]


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