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Tuesday, August 19

A Walk in the Park: Part 3b – Exploring Quelch’s House

Vlad couldn’t move. Paralyzed from head to toe, he could only watch with wide, staring eyes as the ghouls dragged him from their tunnel to…

Someplace familiar. It was the Well-Dressed Man’s drug den! The place still stank of snakeweed and abyss dust, but those odors competed with a more powerful smell: human sweat and filth. About a dozen ghouls were sprawled about the room in various stages of drug-induced stupor or drug-deprived delirium tremens. The cushions, curtains, and just about everything else that wasn’t nailed into place had been uprooted and ruined. Several slogans, written in a substance he’d rather not identify, covered the walls.

Ghouls gathered around him, their red eyes burrowing into his soul. Gleaming wet maws moved closer… [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:30 AM

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