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Wednesday, September 17

Belly of the Beast: Conclusion

The Bloody Vengeance was a crudely built orc ship, roughly ninety feet long. It was battle-scarred but seaworthy. The ship sailed hard away from Freeport.

Drak Scarbelly appeared in full captain’s regalia, once again the master of his own ship. He smiled at Prolk, the old orc hag who had helped coordinate the orcs to rescue him. “Ye did well.”

Prolk bowed her head slightly.

Rask, the orc wizard with his floppy hat and staff, approached Scarbelly. “We haven’t found Aggro,” he said.

Scarbelly chuckled. “He’ll be along.”

Krysos Boz’s head bounced across the deck. Then Aggro clambered up over the deck, dripping seawater. “Sorry I be late,” he muttered. “I had t’ settle a score.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:26 AM

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