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Thursday, September 25

Gates of Delirium: Conclusion

Jim-Bean was falling, falling, falling through a shaft formed of infinite cubes, all rendered in stark black and white contrast. It seemed as if he were falling forward, but in reality he was falling backwards, away from the infinite lines of Daoloth’s structure, which were so long as to appear curved. It was only as Jim-Bean fell further that the distance became apparent and he could see the structure of Daoloth’s form, lines within lines, coalescing into a cube of sorts. The cube pulsed and rippled as lines shifted within it.

And then he was falling back towards it, through the cube and between the curved strings of cubes strung together, hurtling through a shaft…

Jim-Bean woke up in an apartment. Furniture was overturned, ornaments and knick-knacks scatted across the floor mingled with appliances and utensils from the kitchen. The contents of every closet and cabinet, of every wardrobe and cupboard, lay strewn about the place.

Hammer was already up and about. Guppy was slowly getting to his feet.

Guppy took off the gauze. “This is Rachel’s place,” he said softly. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:54 AM

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