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Wednesday, September 17

Gates of Delirium: Part 3 – Don’t Move

Jim-Bean woke up in a strange, cube-shaped room with glowing, computer circuit-like walls and six doors, one at the center of each wall, including the ceiling and floor. The walls were all lit by white light from every direction, the only reprieve being the diagonal superstructure of the room. Ladders extended from the center of the room in four directions on every wall, each leading to a door. Although he was wearing his own clothes, Jim-Bean was otherwise unarmed.

He crawled up to one of the doors. As he reached toward the door, it whisked open.

The short Asian man with a bowl cut lay on the floor in an identical room.

Jim-Bean stepped back and the door whisked shut.

A variety of weird static noises emanated from all around him. Then one of the doors whisked open.

The younger man Jim-Bean saw participating in the ritual opened the door ahead of him, peered inside, and closed it.

“Hey!” shouted Jim-Bean.

A second later, the young man appeared in the door above Jim-Bean, peered inside, and closed it.

“What the…”

A moment after that the man appeared in the door behind Jim-Bean. He craned his neck to look inside, and closed it.

Jim-Bean ran over to the door. It whisked open as Hammer stumbled into the room.

“Did you see that guy?”

“What guy?” asked Hammer, looking around. “I’m still a little disoriented, I could have sworn I was moving sideways but I ended up dropping into this room.” [MORE]


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