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Monday, September 22

Gates of Delirium: Part 8 – 60659

McNab opened another door. “Holy crap, there’s someone in here!”

The gravity shifted in the room again, forcing everyone to climb sideways once they entered the room. A skeletal corpse clad in tattered rags lay crumpled on the floor. A nauseating stench filled the air.

Hammer inspected the corpse. “It’s covered in mathematical formulae and odd phrases.”

“It’s on the walls too,” said Jim-Bean. “On every available writing space.”

Fielding tapped a part of the wall. “Here’s that number again: 60659. Can you make out what it says on his body?”

Hammer read up and down the length of one arm.

“Daoloth may grant vision to his priests—visions of past and of future, and into the very last dimension, beyond even the twenty-fifth. But the gift of true sight is a dangerous one, for reality is but a fragile illusion, and madness comes quickly with truth.”

“Anything on him we can use?” asked Jim-Bean.

Hammer held up a pen. “Not unless you want to write your life’s story, no.”

The corpse begins to rot away right before their eyes.

Jim-Bean took the pen from Hammer. “Just in case it’s a short story.” [MORE]


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