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Sunday, September 28

Last Rites: Part 1 – The Tape

"Jimbo? Earth to Jimmy-Bean!" Hammer's voice floated through Jim-Bean's consciousness.

Hammer, Guppy, and Archive were seated all around Jim-Bean in office chairs, their faces illuminated by the blank computer screen before him. They looked at him expectantly.

Jim-Bean snapped out of it. "Wha?'

"You've been sitting there staring at the DVD for like a minute. Did you just have a stroke?"

Jim-Bean chuckled, but he was really just buying time to clear his head. The DVD was marked “Arkham Asylum Outpatient Lucinda Ennis.” The author was listed as Dr. Alan Ettringer. It had triggered a memory – more of a vision – and the visions were becoming all too common when Jim-Bean touched things.

Probably part of those "attributes" that Majestic-12 was so interested in. The suppressed memory made him decide that keeping these new visions to himself was the safest course of action.

Hammer took the DVD out of Jim-Bean's fingers and popped it into the DVD player. "Lay off the drugs." [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:19 PM

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