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Saturday, September 20

To Walk in Carcosa: Part 1 – The Road and the Forest

Just half a mile down the road, looping, the rutted track led away to the north then the east. There was no indication that it had been taken recently, but after following it for a full mile they came to a monolith standing in a small clearing.

Kham frowned. “This looks familiar.”

Ilmarė squinted. “It reads: Expectant we raise our muzzles to smell the air for hatred, we strain our ears for the sound of love.”

They kept moving. Ilmarė froze.

“What?” asked Kham.

“Shh! Do you hear that?”

They strained to listen. There was a distant crashing noise. Something was coming closer and closer through the thick forest.

“It’s coming from the south,” said Ilmarė. “But it’s not at ground level. Whatever it is, it’s high up—splintering the treetops as it comes.”

“Get down!” shouted Kham. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 5:45 PM

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