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Monday, September 29

To Walk in Carcosa: Part 10 – Stopping the Play

The next room was a ballroom, one wall of which was made of a succession of tall glass doors, all giving onto a long balcony.

Ilmarė tentatively advanced into the room. She could see the terrace where the summoning was taking place below her. Steps curled down from the balcony onto the terrace from both left and right. Beyond was the dark water of Lake Hali.

But all of it was eclipsed by the byakhee. There were hundreds and hundreds of the beasts outside, thick on the balustrades, roofs, and walls. Streams of the creatures were still flying down from the sky to join those already present, thickening the ranks each minute. The usually raucous monsters were silent, rapt, facing inwards. They were all focused on a small group of ten men in the center of it all.

“Edwards!” hissed Lucius, “They’re casting a spell to free Hastur.” [MORE]


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