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Sunday, September 21

To Walk in Carcosa: Part 2 – The Road and the Forest

The black mirror of the loch stretched out—a long, thin cut between the mountain ridges that contained it. Edwards’ house stood on the loch’s eastern end.

“For a laird, his house is not as impressive as I imagined,” said Ilmarė. It was a largish two-story stone hunting lodge, rather ugly. Two wagons stood in front of it, almost completely hidden by snow. No footprints or horse tracks were visible.

A thin, white mist rolled up from the water and around and past the house. There was no noise, no lights no movement.

As soon as they moved, the mist thickened around them. Visibility quickly lessened, but as it did they caught a glimpse of something new. There was a new structure—a large, white arch that looked ceremonial. It was completely incongruous in surroundings.

“It’s happening again,” sighed Kham.

They became aware of other buildings around them. The mist was gone. Even behind them there were streets. They stood in the middle of a city, a city that did not belong there. In front of them, the large ornate arch was topped by elaborate statuary depicting a pair of lions rearing and fighting.

“That wasn’t thar a moment ago,” said Scarbelly.

“The whole city wasn’t there before,” said Ilmarė.

The house was no longer visible. Neither was the loch. It was clear that the sky no longer belonged to Arcanis. Though it appeared to be night, with stars everywhere, there were also two pale suns low in the sky that bathed the city in a pearl light.

“We’re back in Carcosa,” said Kham. He seemed resigned to his fate. “Only this time it’s not frozen over. They must have finished another summoning ritual.” [MORE]


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