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Monday, September 22

To Walk in Carcosa: Part 3 – The Road and the Forest

They emerged onto a broad walkway lined by porticoes that were in turn backed by large buildings. The buildings had no visible doors and their windows were set high up in the smooth walls.

The majority of the city boasted buildings of a uniformly fine quality, well designed and constructed, and in perfect repair. The streets were clean, there were well-tended trees and open spaces, and there was no kind of objectionable noise or bustle.

“It’s eerily calm,” said Ilmarė. Occasional snatches of music or singing could be heard, although the source was impossible to identify.

Several residents, all masked, suddenly appeared at adjoining windows in one building and leaned far out. One was pointing behind them, while the others strained to see what the masked man was indicating. There was a shout of recognition, a shrill scream, and some slightly hysterical laughter.

Ilmarė squinted. “It’s the Phantom of Truth, all dressed in white.”

“Just like in the play,” said Kham. “We’re going to have to find the palace before that party happens.”

“What play?” asked Prolk.

“It’s complicated,” said Kham. “Suffice it to say that Carcosa is as much a place as it is a mindset. When you read about it, you become part of it.”

Ilmarė frowned at Kham. “And it becomes a part of you.” [MORE]


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