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Tuesday, September 23

To Walk in Carcosa: Part 4 – The Road and the Forest

They came onto a large stage of an immaculate, Coryani-style amphitheater. A semicircle of stone seats rose up into the sky; trapdoors and scene shifting equipment indicated that the theater was still in use.

“Movement,” said Ilmarė. “I think I saw a man with a…”

There was the crack of a pistol shot. Ilmarė spun from the blast.

“Damn humans!” shouted the elorii.

Kham took out both his pistols. “You okay?”

Ilmarė clutched her shoulder, blood streaming between her fingertips. “He only grazed me.”

“Damn Kolter and his crappy pistols!” Kham shook his head. “Every fool with a grudge has one.” He shouted at the pillar. “Come out, you’re outnumbered!”

Ilmarė arched an eyebrow.

“What?” Kham shrugged. “It’s true, we outnumber him.”

A man with neatly cut brown hair, a fat face, and a nervous smile stepped out from the pillar. He was dressed in the typical cult robes of the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign. He was tall, but moved with a hunch as though trying to remain unseen. The man placed the pistol in his pocket.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were the creatures in the sky. You’re wearing masks…” He trailed off.

Ilmarė’s eyes narrowed. “Do we LOOK like big alien bugs?” [MORE]


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