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Friday, September 26

To Walk in Carcosa: Part 7 – Lake Hali

The journey to the lakeshore ran downhill through residential streets. Lake Hali was as still as stone. On its far shore was the bright Palace beneath the suns, looking a world away.

A path followed the water’s edge and promised to lead towards the Palace, but it soon cut back into the city. Fortunately, there were dozens of boats tied at the quay.

The boards were uniformly built from a polished hardwood, narrow in the beam with high bows and sterns, and with a single tall mast carrying a furled sail of white or pale yellow canvas. Each had further provision for two pairs of oars that were shipped on board.

They clambered in and launched two of the boats.

“The lake seems much bigger now that we’re out on it,” said Ilmarė.

“That’s because it was all ice last time,” said Kham. “This is where we discovered Hastur the first time. All along I thought it was the King in Yellow. But now I know what we really saw. We saw Hastur.”

“Thar be something beneath the surface,” said Prolk.

About a hundred yards away, something big slipped gently beneath the water’s surface.

Long tentacles broke the surface, frothing the water in front of a smooth domed mass. It was heading towards them.

Forty yards

Thirty yards.

Twenty yards.

“Hold on!” shouted Kham. [MORE]


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