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Saturday, September 27

To Walk in Carcosa: Part 8 – Yolanda

They entered the Palace, passing marble-floored corridors hung with portraits, through receiving rooms and great banquet halls, across small gardens and high, cold chapels. The place seemed endless.

“We must head for the terrace, where the summoning is being performed,” murmured Lucius.

There was evidence that a party had taken place very recently. Food and drink abounded, as did flaming candles. There were discarded masks and even some fine clothes.

Scarbelly pointed. “Coombs! Avast, ye scab'r'us swabs! I just saw Coombs!”

“Michael Coombs?” asked Lucius. “Here?”

“Aye.” Scarbelly began clomping his way down the hallway. “Yer nay goin' t' get away this time, ye scurvy dog! I’ll gut ye like a catfish!” [MORE]


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