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Thursday, September 18

To Walk in Carcosa: Prologue

It was the middle of the night when Dril opened the front door to an unassuming terraced cottage. It was empty.

Price shoved past him. “I don’t know what da big deal is. So people got killed in The Tombs. Happens all da time.”

Dril examined the floor. “We’ve been over this: Grahame Roby asserted without a doubt that the corpse was not Lucius Roby’s; it lacks a scar on the upper arm that Lucius acquired as a youth.”

“Right, so that means what one ov da two bodies was Thomas Clarke. Good chap, terrible thin' ter 'appen ter 'im. But what doesn’t mean we need ter be all searchin' Evans’ 'ome. I say we let da dead stay dead.”

The Altherian paused at one point in the floor. “You hear that?”

Price cocked his head. “What?”

“The floorboards. They stopped squeaking. Shine your lantern over here.”

Price focused his bull’s-eye lantern at the spot by Dril’s foot.

The floorboards were a darker color than the rest, spongy and moist. [MORE]


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