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Wednesday, October 29

The Fortress: Part 1 – Get Cranky

A tall black woman with wild, staring blood-shot eyes entered the room. She wore a white overcoat. A posse of four smaller men followed behind her, all of them wearing shades.

"It’s Janky Crank," said Hammer.

After chatting with the bartender, Janky strode over to them.

"You said you wanted to talk to Machete?"

Hammer stood up. "That's right. You don't look like him."

"If it's worth his time, you'll meet 'im," said Janky. "But first you meet with me."

Caprice dismissed the two scantily clad women snuggling up to him with a nod of his head. They scattered, and Janky's men took a few steps back to give them some privacy.

"And you are?"

"Janky. Janky Crank. They call me that 'cause you don't wanna see me cranky." Janky grabbed Caprice's glass and slurped it, finishing off its contents. She slapped it down on the table. "So what's this deal you're talking about?"

Jim-Bean cleared his throat. "Ah yes, Miss Cranky...you see, we were recently working with an organization on the West Coast that was trafficking in Blink--"

"I know it," said Janky. Judging from her bloodshot eyes, she used it too.

"And that operation was shut down. The Three Kings are looking for new opportunities--"

"Three Kings?" Janky eyeballed Jim-Bean. "Never heard of you."

"That'd be us," said Hammer gruffly. "My territory is Southern Cali. Bean's is Northern Cali. Snow Dog's is Hollywood."

"Snow Dog?" Janky barked out a laugh. "Are you serious?"

Caprice got to his feet, gesturing wildly. "Machete's just jerking us around. I'm not gonna take this s#!t from this bitch--"

Janky's revolver was out in a flash, aimed at Caprice's forehead. "See what you made me do? Now I'm gettin' CRANK-AH!" [MORE]


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