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Thursday, October 30

The Fortress: Part 2 – La Fortaleza

“Our operation is solid,” said Jim-Bean. “Our distribution network and contacts spans all of California. “

“Network, huh? Why ain’t I heard of you?”

“Because we got raided,” said Hammer with a frown. “We had the cops under control and then there was a sting by the Feds…”

Machete muttered a curse about Feds.

“Lots of gang leaders went down,” continued Hammer. “We’re the next wave.”

“No you ain’t,” said Machete. “This is the next wave, right here.” He encompassed the drug manufacturing plant with a sweep of one arm. “But you know, this ain’t a partnership at thirty percent.”

Jim-Bean frowned. “What do you mean?”

“I mean partners is equals. And that’s fifty percent.”

They made their way over to a lounge filled with garish velour couches. Machete flopped down.

Jim-Bean shrugged. “We don’t know you. Your operation seems sound, but we need to know more about it. Like who supplies your drugs.”

Machete barked out a laugh, a cackle that would have offended a hyena. “And put me out of business? I ain’t stupid, yo.”

“Neither are we,” said Caprice tersely. “But trust has gotta start somewhere, G. And if it’s gonna start, it has to start here.”

Machete pondered that. “I hear ya.” He leaned forward and yanked the gold grill off his front teeth, revealing a mouthful of carefully filed and sharpened incisors. It was like staring into the maw of a shark. “Let’s just say we keep it in the family, dig?”

Hammer didn’t know what he meant. Before he could ask, gunfire went off in the courtyard. A second later a shrieking alarm went off. [MORE]


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