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Friday, October 31

The Fortress: Part 3 – Just Kidding

Jim-Bean stopped short.

“What’s up?” asked Hammer.

Jim-Bean looked over his shoulder. “I think we should stay and fight. We killed those two Feds in Cali and we can kill some more here.”

Hammer caught Jim-Bean’s expression. He turned. “Right. Let’s do it.”

Caprice looked back and forth between them. “$#!*. Somebody gimme a gat!”

Archive just started praying.

There was a moment of stunned surprise and then Machete broke out into more cackling laughter. He held up a remote that tweeted, and the alarm went off. The gunfire and rumbling stopped.

“I was messin’ with ya is all. Gotta be sure.” He slapped Caprice on the back. “I like your style! You ARE stone cold killers!” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:33 AM

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