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Sunday, October 26

Heart's Blood, Fire's Vengeance: Part 1a – Watch Your Step!

A guide led them to the entrance of the primary sewage outlet but would go no further.

“The sewers are a maze of tunnels and pipes,” said Beldin, “but Garan gave me directions to an exit that will lead us to a back alley.”

The grate to the sewer system was locked and barred by a blackened metal of unknown origin. It was cool to the touch.

“It’s locked,” Sebastian said to Kham. “Can you open it?”

Kham pulled his trusty dagger from the folds of his jacket. “One way to find out.” He popped a forest of picks from the hilt of his dagger, turned it around, and inserted the pick into the lock.

There was the twang of a bowstring. A dart stuck out of Kham’s arm.

“Ah crap!” His arm immediately went numb. The numbness spread like fire through his veins, infecting all of his limbs. A great weakness overcame him.

“Kham!” shouted Vlad.

The val slumped to the ground, staring at his limbs like they were someone else’s. “Poison…”

“Yeah, we figured,” said Sebastian.

Beldin shook his head. “Should have let me open the lock.” With a mighty blow, the lock shattered.

“Now…” gasped Kham, “…he tells me.” [MORE]


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