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Sunday, October 26

Heart's Blood, Fire's Vengeance: Part 1b – Watch Your Step!

After opening the heavy grate, they made their way into the sewers.

“Are you sure Kham’s going to be okay?” asked Vlad. “I don’t think we should have left him.”

“He certainly can’t go with us down here.” Sebastian wrinkled his nose. “I don’t even want to be here.”

The putrid smell of the city hit them. The remains of things too hideous to mention floated and bobbed in knee high muck. They stepped inside and began trudging through the refuse.

Beldin led the way. They moved slowly through the slime, but eventually they made their way to the exit.

“That’s it?” asked Vlad.

“That’s it,” said Beldin.

The exit was a small grate at the top of a ladder whose rungs were stapled into the wall. The grated seemed clear.

“Uh oh,” said Beldin.

Sebastian stared up at the grate. “Uh oh, what?”

A bulbous eye stared up at Beldin from the sewage. For a moment, it looked dead. Then horrifyingly…it blinked. Slowly, a mass of fleshy tissue rose from the waste.

“Never mind.” Sebastian took a step back.

More than a dozen eyes focused their attention as the creature’s numerous mouths began to groan and chatter in meaningless gibberish.

Vlad drew his sword. “I think Kham was the lucky one.” [MORE]


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