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Wednesday, October 29

Heart's Blood, Fire's Vengeance: Part 2 – Guards! Guards!

Kham approached the gates of Nishanpur. The ominous hush that ruled over the city seemed far more obvious due to his weakened condition.

A soldier bearing the rank of captain took an interested in him. He waved Kham over.

Kham wearily trudged over to the Nierite.

“From whence do you hail?”

“Freeport,” said Kham.

“Where are you going?”


“What is your business in the city?”

“I am trying to find a cure. I think I have the plague.”

The guard arched an eyebrow. “From where?”

“I was traveling near Ventaka.” Kham coughed for effect. It wasn’t hard; the poison was getting so bad that he had difficulty lifting his head. “I found some corpses. I think that’s how I contracted the plague.”

“Damn Ymandrakes,” snarled the guard. He patted Kham down. “What’s this?”

He pulled the holy symbol of Altheres from Kham’s coat.

“That’s a symbol of Altheres,” said Kham. It was becoming difficult to speak. “What…you never saw an Altherian before?”

“And this?”

Kham struggled to focus. It was the symbol of Yig.


“Uh huh.” The guard grabbed Kham’s arms and pushed them behind his back. “By order of the Sword of the Heavens and his eminence, the Autocrat of Nishanpur, you are hereby ordered to lay down yours arms and surrender yourself into our custody for questioning.”

Kham only heard the words “lay down.” So he did. [MORE]


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