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Thursday, October 30

Heart's Blood, Fire's Vengeance: Part 3 – Deals and the Art of Double-Crossing

After a day dealing with gibbering monstrosities and avoiding the Nierite authorities, they found themselves in the Merchant’s Square as dusk approached. Merchants quickly closed up shop and the streets were clear in merely half an hour. They stood in the square when a man in a musty, brown robe sewn from burlap approached Sebastian.

“Greetings, travelers,” he whispered. “I am Hemmet, a servant of Sarish. I have been sent here because you have something for me.” He reached into his robe. “Here is the agreed-upon payment.”

Vlad perked up. “I didn’t know we were getting paid.”

Beldin shushed him.

Sebastian reached into the folds of his robe. His eyes widened.

“The dagger…it’s gone!”

Hemmet smiled and raised his hand. “Thank you, friend. It is now in our possession. Know that your actions have helped to bring justice upon these Erdukeen Nierites. There is just one more task that remains.”

Sebastian kept his hands at his sides, a sure sign that he expected trouble. “Oh?”

“Your friend has been arrested.”

Vlad slapped his forehead. “Again?” [MORE]


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