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Friday, October 31

Heart's Blood, Fire's Vengeance: Part 4a – The Trouble I’ve Seen

A few hours later, a man bearing the marks of a high-ranking officer arrived at his cell.

“I am Commander Haron von Grebel,” said the officer. “You have been detained for assisting the insurrectionist who stole the Eye of Sarish from the Sarishan temple in Vrain. I am here to ask you a few questions.”

Kham sighed. “I just went through this in Freeport. Do you all read from the same script?”

Haron summoned a sketch artist to the cell.

“Now, let’s start from the top.” Haron pulled over a chair and straddled it. “From whence do you hail?”

“The other idiot asked me that question already.”

“I won’t ask you again. From whence do you hail?”

“Altheria,” said Kham. “I’m from Altheria.”

Haron checked the sheet in his hand. “You told Captain Virdan-Hartung that you were from Freeport.”

“I just CAME from Freeport. But I’m FROM Altheria. Try to keep up.”

“Where were you going?”

“To Altheria.” He took a long, shuddering sigh. The thought of being imprisoned again made him physically sick. Or maybe it was just the poison. “I’m going to attend a funeral.”

“Umm hmm,” said Haron. “What is your business in Nishanpur?”

“I told Virdan-whatsisname already. I’m looking for a cure. I’m sick.”

“You don’t look sick…”

Kham coughed right in the man’s face.

“That’s it!” Haron kicked the chair away. He turned to the sketch artist. “Leave. Now.”

“What are you gonna do,” snarled Kham. The cough made him see spots. “Convert me?”

“Oh I think not. You obviously profess allegiance to many faiths.” Haron threw the symbol of Yig at Kham’s cell. It skittered across the ground. “Do you know how the Brotherhood of Flame brands its criminals?” He walked over to a smoking brazier. [MORE]


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