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Saturday, October 25

The Last Castle: Conclusion

The battering ram of an APC anti-riot vehicle blasted through the doors. Floodlights flared overhead. Men in full SWAT gear shouted for people to get down on the floor with their hands up.

Jim-Bean did as he was told. Now was not the time for heroics.

Hammer fell to one knee, arms up. It wasn’t an act; Barry had shot him in the leg.

Guppy and Archive walked in.

“I f*&(#in’ told you man!” shouted Barry to Ridge as they were hustled off into a prisoner transport vehicle.

Guppy caught sight of Hammer on a stretcher.

“Did you get it?” he shouted as he was carted into an ambulance.

Archive nodded. “Yep, all the footage. We’ll process it. Should have you out in a few hours.”

“Great,” said Jim-Bean. “Just a few hours in prison with them.” He swallowed hard as the other prisoners glared at him. With a last mournful look behind him, the prisoner transport vehicle’s doors slammed shut, sealing him in with the drug-dealers and corrupt police.

“I knew we got the boring part of the mission,” Guppy muttered to Archive. “We missed all the action!” [MORE]


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