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Monday, October 20

The Last Castle: Part 2 – The Test

Jim-Bean had just taken a shower after a long day at his new job. As he entered the locker room, several burly officers surrounded him.

“So, you’re new, huh?” said one officer whose bald pate was buffed to a shine. “If you want to be part of TADU, you’re going to have to prove you have the stamina.”

He nodded to a smaller, weasely looking cop with bad skin. The smaller cop opened a locker and pulled out a taser. When he flicked it on, blue bolts of energy crackled and snapped between its tangs.

Hammer finished toweling off and stood behind Jim-Bean. They were in deep cover, so no cistrons, no guns except what they were supplied with…nothing.

The smaller man gestured at his bald companion with the taser. “Ridge can go forty seconds,” he grinned at Jim-Bean, “let’s see how you do, huh?”

"Uh…" Jim-Bean looked at Hammer. He’d been practicing his American accent; looked like he was going to need it after all.

"Don't look at him, he ain't gonna help you," sneered the smaller man.

"I don't need this sh—" Jim-Bean threw a fast punch at the man's head, but a meaty fist caught it. [MORE]


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