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Tuesday, October 21

The Last Castle: Part 3 – Shakedown

“You ready?”

“Let’s do this,” said Jim-Bean.

Hammer couldn’t help but smile. “You sound more like an American every day.”

Jim-Bean got out of the car and slammed the door. The drug dealers looked up.

Hammer strode over to the drug dealer.

“Hey man, what—“

The drug dealer didn’t get anything more out. Customers scattered. Hammer shoved a pistol to the man’s ribs.

“Hey yourself. This is a drug bust.”

“I don’t see no badge,” muttered the man.

Jim-Bean flashed the badge. “There. Happy?”

“No,” said the drug dealer sullenly.

“Today’s your lucky day,” said Hammer. “This isn’t your usual drug bust.” He patted the drug dealer down and found several wads of cash. “I’ll be taking this.”

“What? You can’t do this—“

“We could just arrest you,” said Jim-Bean.

The drug dealer’s mouth clamped shut. [MORE]


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