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Wednesday, October 22

The Last Castle: Part 4a – Blood Brothers

He strode over to one of the vats. “First, Blink is turned into a solution in one of these vats.” He grabbed a white t-shirt from one of several boxes piled on the floor. “Then we dip these shirts into the solution.”

Ridge pointed at a pile of shrink-wrapped t-shirts that could be on any department store shelf.

“And here is the finished product in a perfectly ordinary shipping package. Next thing you know we’ll run the post office out of business.”

The men got another laugh out of that.

“Now, let’s get rich.”

The drug dealer, a man named Slice, strode into the room, dripping gold from his ears and throat. Even his teeth were gold. “Yo, you got security hanging out front?”

Ridge looked back and forth at his men. They shook their heads. “We got lookouts, but nobody you should be able to spot.”

“Then you been made, man.” Slice started backing up and drew his pistol. “We ain’t—“

All the Castle TADU tensed up, murder in their eyes.

Jim-Bean drew his pistol. “We’ll take care of it.” He nodded towards Ridge. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Yeah, you do that,” said Slice. “If this is an ambush—“

“It’s not an ambush!” said Ridge. “We’ve come too far to screw this up. My boys will clean it up.”

He fixed Hammer with a stare. “You better come back dripping blood.” [MORE]


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