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Saturday, October 18

The Last Castle: Prologue

“Interesting,” said Guppy. “Look here.” He tapped a key and the screen focused on one of the burglar’s watches. “One of the suspects looks at his watch. It’s a police officer’s watch. Watches like that are only awarded after ten years of service in TADU.”

“What about the van?” asked Hammer.

“Stolen,” said Guppy. “From an airport the night before.”

“Cross-check it with all the TADU cops. One of them has to fit the profile.”

Guppy nodded. “Yep. One Terry Ridgefield’s been spending more on his credit cards than he could possibly afford on a policeman’s salary.”

“What about phone records?” asked Hammer.

Guppy tapped more keys. “He made more than a hundred phone calls the day of the burglary.”

“And right after?”

Guppy scanned through phone records on the tiny cistron screen. “Roxy Zanatelli,” said Guppy. “Must be a girlfriend.”

“You two,” Jim-Bean indicated Guppy and Archive with a nod of his head, “go visit Roxy. Me and Hammer are going undercover as cops transferred to TADU.”

Guppy swallowed hard. “How are we going to get there?”

“You figure it out yourself,” said Jim-Bean. “But it ain’t gonna be SPIDER.” [MORE]


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