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Thursday, October 23

On the Red March: Conclusion

Sagrivan, his remaining apprentices, and Garan were escorted within the walls of the great necropolis once again.

Sagrivan was spellbound by the wonders of the city. “I vow to spend the remainder of my life to help restore the beauty of these dark passages.”

“Yeah, that’s great,” said Kham. “That doesn’t change the fact that Ventaka is still a city under siege.”

Sagrivan quickly set his men to work on the areas surrounding the collapsed Portal chamber, assessing damages to find a safe way to proceed.

“When will it be operational?” asked Vlad.

“I predict it should be usable in a month or so.”

“A month?” Vlad was crestfallen.

Kham clapped him on the back. “By that time, Ilmarė will be here with the Bloody Vengeance and we can go where we want. I don’t think I want to go through a portal ever again.”

Garan joined them. “Akali still refuses to commit troops to open battle against the Swords of Nier. But I tink I know another vay to get the troops we need.”

“Troops WE need?” asked Beldin.

Sebastian walked over. “Yes,” he said with a slow smile. “Troops we need.”

Kham rolled his eyes. “I guess we’re going to be here for awhile.” [MORE]


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