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Saturday, October 18

On the Red March: Part 5 – The House of Stone

Dressed in their new Cancerese clothing, they slowly made their way through the bustling and crowded streets of the Trade Quarter, heading for that most posh of neighborhoods: the Street of Green Tiles.

“The guildmaster of the Stonecutter’s Guild is Bashaa Karush,” Sebastian said over his shoulder to his companions. “If anyone knows about where Sagrvian is, Bashaa would.”

Traffic thinned as they neared their goal. Small contingents of private guards, many wearing the clean cut garb of local Cancerese Nierites, stood watch in front of elaborate gates.

“Why do they call it the Street of Green Tiles?” asked Vlad.

“Look down,” said Beldin.

The street lived up to its name: bright green tiles covered the roadway itself and in front of the gates to the various houses, mosaics depicted the major businesses or house crests of those that dwelled within.

“Oh.” [MORE]


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