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Sunday, October 19

On the Red March: Part 6 – Follow the Red Brick Road

“Ve’re here for de Master Architect—” Sebastian affected a Canceri accent.

“Hah!” he turned to his work crew and shouted in the failing light, “Hey, you scum! Any of you here a Master Architect?” The scorn dripped from his voice.

Several of the workers cringed at the shout, but no one turned to respond.

“I guess we don’t have any Master Architects here.”

“Master Architect Sagrivan,” repeated Sebastian.

“I don’t recognize the name,” said the foreman.

“I tink you do. Nageel Sagrivan.”

The foreman sneered at Sebastian. “What if he is here? Even if I had him, why should I give him to you?”

Sebastian reached into the folds of his robes and produced the writ. “I recommend dat you comply or I vill have you reported.”

The man stepped forward to stare Sebastian in the eye. “Are you threatening me?”

Vlad moved to intercept but the dark-kin put one gloved hand out. He never let his gaze waiver from the foreman. “Vhy yes, yes I am. I tink your captain vill be very interested as to vhy ve veren’t able to procure dis specialist. I’m sorry, I don’t believe you introduced yourself. Vhat’s your name?” [MORE]


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