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Monday, October 20

On the Red March: Part 7 – A Dream of a Lifetime

As they made they way back north from the workmen’s camp, Sagrivan seemed anxious. He looked Sebastian over many times from beneath his graying eyebrows. Finally, he gained enough courage to look at Sebastian squarely and speak.

“Vhere am I to be going?” he asked. “Have I been reassigned to other vork?”

“Ventaka,” said Sebastian. “We have need of your talents.”

“Ventaka!” Sagrivan gasped and the words came out softly with the sound of awe. “De ancient citadel. I always dreamed of working dere. I thought I vould never see it. But…I thought it vas sealed?”

Beldin nodded. “It’s cracked. We need you to repair it.”

Sagrivan was struck speechless. His eyes became unfocused as he contemplated the vastness and complexity of the task ahead of him. “I am…honored.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Kham waved him off. “Do you need anything else? Tools or anything?”

“Yes,” said Sagrivan. “I must return to de House of Stone in Nishanpur. I vill need to acquire de help of some of my apprentices, and only dere can I discover vhere dey are stationed. Please, let us be swift.”

“Oh sure, now you’re in a big rush,” muttered Kham. [MORE]


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