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Tuesday, October 21

On the Red March: Part 8 – An Unraveling Web

It was with relief that at last the great mound of earth in the distance appeared that marked the dome of Ventaka. Unexpectedly, the smoke of a campfire rose in front of it.

Sebastian and Kham exchanged worried looks. Then Kham drew his pistols.

“Well, maybe Garan rolled out the welcome party.”

As they approached, the campfire turned out not to be enemies at all, but rather Garan val’Mehan, once again outside the city.

“Vell, it took you long enough,” said Garan. “Did you bring Sagrivan?”

“Garan, aren’t you on the wrong side of the dome?” asked Sebastian.

Kham holstered his pistols

“Ah, I see dat you have,” said Garan. “Good. Ve can get to vork now.”

Sagrivan approached Garan. “Yes, I am Master Architect Sagrivan. I am honored to be chosen to repair the great dome…”

“Repair it?!” Garan started laughing. “Ve can’t repair it. Vervain threw us out! He von’t commit to de actions necessary. He just vants to hide. I don’t vant you to repair it! I vant you to tear it down!” [MORE]


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