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Wednesday, October 22

On the Red March: Part 9 – Double-Crossed

The soldiers moved in with fierce determination on Garan and Sagrivan. Sagrivan’s apprentices drew daggers, but they seemed little match for the Order of the Hidden Flame.

Kham aimed his pistols. “It’s a double-cross!”

“Finally, an excuse to draw my sword.” Vlad jerked his blade free. “This isn’t Sarishan steel, either!” He kicked one of the greatsword wielding warriors backwards.

Beldin hacked downwards at the legs of one of the men, through his banded armor. The warrior dropped with a howl.

Sebastian took a step backwards. “You seek to worship the Fire Lord? I will show you fire: Radius Incensio!”

Spiral flames shot out from Sebastian’s fingertips. Three men fell backwards, clutching their chests.

Vlad went straight for the commander, who was dressed in full plate.

“How did we miss this?” asked Beldin. “Full plate? Greatswords?”

“Magic,” snarled Vlad. [MORE]


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