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Sunday, November 16

Awfully Familiar is Complete!

The first draft of Awfully Familiar is now complete! The entire story of Scrap has been written. I'm sure there a lot of rough patches (I had to go back and add in details that enhanced the story a few times), but overall I'm pleased with the end result. Awfully Familiar is the tale of a rat who has dreams of being a human boy, as he struggles to survive snakes, ogres, and witches. If he's smart and fast enough, he just might save a Kingdom from itself. It's 90,000 words in total.

28,545 words so far

I'm hopeful this young adult fantasy novel about a talking rat will find a publisher. If you're interested (cause, ya know, all these publishers read my blog I'm sure) let me know! [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 3:37 PM

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