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Monday, November 24

Cold War: Conclusion

Archive handed the Eye off to Hammer. Hammer ran for the rest stop.

Jim-Bean met him at the door. “Hodges killed Zelazny and Ko! He set it up so that—“

“We KNOW!” shouted Hammer.

“We have to destroy the Eye!” Archive shouted over the screaming wind. He had his own pistol out, scanning the sky, trying to look everywhere at once.

“You can’t,” said Jim-Bean. “It’s indestructible. Trust me I tried!”

Hodges appeared in all his terrible glory. He had turned into a huge, stretched parody of his former self. Frozen drool continued to drip from a vicious maw of canine teeth. His nose was gone, his hair whipping wildly behind him. Wicked claws jutted from his fingertips. His legs ended in burnt stumps; there were no feet to speak of. He floated thirty feet above the parking lot.

“GIVE ME THE EYE,” he snarled, audible over the wind. He pointed, and a blast of white energy sizzled past Archive, just missing his head.

“Fire!” shouted Archive.

Hammer turned and fired both Glocks at Hodges. A direct hit. Chips of ice fell off of him.

Hodges laughed.

“No, I mean USE fire!” shouted Archive.

Hammer got what he meant. He passed Jim-Bean and ran with the globe towards the gas station. [MORE]


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