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Thursday, November 20

Cold War: Part 1 – Cold Bath

Inside the men’s room was the corpse of the man with silver hair. A crossbow bolt jutted out of his chest. It was the silver-haired man they saw making his way to the bathroom.

Hammer went through the Ko’s jacket. He found a wallet containing an Illinois driver’s license, a couple of twenty dollar bills, and an empty vial.

The other man wasn’t carrying any identification, but Archive found his wallet and dead cell phone in the pockets of his coat, which hung on a hook inside the rest room. His Portland State driver’s license identified him as Dr. Anton Zelazny. He had some credit cards and one-hundred and fifty dollars in mixed bills.

Hammer stood up and looked around the bathroom. All of the stalls were empty. A trashcan stood against one wall and a condom dispenser hung on the other wall. The mirror behind the sink was broken, and ice standing in the sink had frozen right out of the faucet.

Hammer ran one finger along the sink. “There’s a thin layer of frost covering the entire room.” The room was freezing.

“I never saw icicles big enough to kill someone outside,” said Archive. “It looks like he was gored to death.”

Hammer peered in the trashcan. “What’s this?” He dug into it and pulled out a valise. Archive popped it open on the sink.

It contained some papers and a snow globe. Archive scanned the papers while Hammer continued his investigation.

“There’s a partial footprint in the blood on the rest room floor, near Ko’s body. It seems to be the print of a large wolf or small bear.”

Archive looked up from reading the papers. “How did a bear fit in here?” [MORE]


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