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Friday, November 21

Cold War: Part 2 – Who Goes There?

The wind howled outside and the snow continued to fall. The building was dark and cold, with icy gusts reaching into every corner of the structure. The woman running the donut shop had lit a couple of gas lanterns in her corner of the rest stop, but it was still dim and shadowy.

Hammer fiddled with his cistron but to no avail. “Cistrons aren’t getting any reception. The CB might work better. I’m going outside to radio for assistance,” said Hammer. “Keep an eye on the rest of these people.”

The wind screamed and raged all around as Hammer stumbled out into the snow. It was surprisingly deep, almost to his knees. He couldn’t see much with the snow whipping past his eyes.

Abruptly, the blowing snow, illuminated occasionally by the flickering parking lot lamps, suddenly turned a blinding white.

One by one, the headlights of cars came on. Over the moaning of the storm, a cacophony of horns and car alarms went off all at once. Somewhere nearby, glass broke. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 6:36 AM

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