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Saturday, November 22

Cold War: Part 3 – Smoke ‘Em Out

The magazine stand in one corner of the convenience store was blazing away. The flames spread quickly to one wall.

“Fire extinguishers!” shouted Hammer. “Go!”

They spread out, looking for fire extinguishers. A few seconds later, the extinguishers managed to stop the blaze before it became an inferno. By that time, the massacre that was happening outside had stopped. The White Shadows were all dead.

Over the smell of smoke, there was a different odor—the sharp tang of gasoline in the air.

“That fire wasn’t an accident,” said Hammer. He looked suspiciously at the other patrons. “All of you, I want you to line up along this wall. We’re going to question you individually. Everyone stays in my sight.”

The other patrons and staff, wary of Hammer’s Glocks, did as they were told.

Archive was torn between watching the thing outside and trying to understand what he was reading.

“What’s that thing doing?” asked Jim-Bean, nonplussed by the ruckus over the flames.

“It looks like it’s…” he squinted through the frosted glass, “building a huge mound of snow in the center of the parking lot.” [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:20 PM

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