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Sunday, November 23

Cold War: Part 4 – The Ceremony

“This is no ordinary snow globe,” said Archive, pointing to drawings of the snow globe, among other sketches.

According to the specifications, it was a simple glass sphere about four inches in diameter.

“The inside of the globe has a small representation of this rest stop, and tiny flakes flurry downward without every settling. You don’t even have to shake it.”

“The Eye of Ithaqua,” whispered Stride, who had followed Hammer over. “It is a powerful focal point for cult rituals, and serves as a conduit between Ithaqua worshipers and their cold god.”

“Where is it?”

Archive pointed to Jim-Bean, who was stumbling over to them. “I gave it to him.”

“Great,” said Hammer.

A blast of freezing cold wind shrieked through the front doors, nearly blowing the glass doors off their hinges.

Jim-Bean tried to grab the donut counter. He was barely audible in the shrieking storm.

“I know…who the murderer…is…” he slumped to the floor. [MORE]


posted by Michael Tresca at 7:14 AM

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