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Friday, November 28

Fox and Geese: Conclusion

Prior Andreas seemed surprised when the Touched were brought to him.

“Ve are housing dem, for now, in de old chapel of de Confraternity, in de Trade Quarter.”

“Look, I’m grateful for the healing and all.” Kham put his lenses back on, his sight restored. “But if you don’t tell me where Quintus is I’m afraid I’m going to have to shoot you.”

Andreas folded his fingers. “Vhen you said dat Quintus vas not normally Touched, I prayed to Illiir to grant him mercy. And he did. Vhen he awoke from his stupor, he asked vhere he was. Vhen I told him, he fled.”

“That’s it?” Ilmarė looked crestfallen. “That’s all he said?”

Andreas nodded. “He said something about a mission. I believe your friend knew his vay around Nishanpur. He strikes me as a man who can take care of himself.”

“He usually can,” said Sebastian with a wry smirk. “I wonder if he was aware of us that whole time.”

Kham shot Ilmarė a look. “I hope not.” [MORE]


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